Welcome to the RAD program


As developers, we make choices all the time: architecture, frameworks, libraries, cloud providers, etc. And if you’ve been around for a while, you probably ended up regretting at least some of your choices.

In my conference talk about making sensible choices, I explore the typical pitfalls of making development choices and how to avoid them. If you've seen it, you should be armed to take any decision they will throw at you.

This website

A responsibly acting developer, or RAD, will always try to make choices that will not hurt their team in the long run. But until now, there was no way to prove that you were acting responsibly. That's why this site was born.

What you'll find on this site:


Although we take our message very seriously, we have no intention of being a serious certification program. We are mainly using this site to raise awareness in our industry. By getting our stickers onto as many laptops as possible, we hope that we can improve life for teams all around the globe.


We are not planning on sending you any emails. Instead, we will use Twitter as a communication channel for any announcements we may have. If you want to stay informed of what we're up to, follow us!