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Hannes Lowette is a developer, a coach and a father of 3.

In his role as a .NET consultant at Axxes, he likes performance, databases, distributed systems and large scale apps. But most of all, he likes playing devil’s advocate in technical discussions by playing the ‘it depends’ card.

In his free time, when he’s not building LEGO® castles with his kids, he likes to spend time building guitars, playing poker, tasting whisky and doing all round geeky stuff.

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Axxes IT Consultancy

Axxes is an IT consultancy firm located in Antwerp, Belgium. They have helped make this a reality in more ways than one. They freed up time of the marketing department to create and order the certification kits, which they are paying for too (all 1000 pieces)! They have also been putting up with Hannes' shenanigans for many years now. Thanks Axxes, for letting me do all these crazy things.

Special thanks to

  • Barbara, Arne, Joren & Marit for putting up with my frequent away time and for supporting me in doing what I love.
  • Karel & Annelies for doing all the designs for the certification kit and arranging the fact that we physically even have the kits.
  • Tom, Dylan, Florian & Joey for being idea-bouncers, content-checkers, site-testers, css-advisers, etc.