Where did we come from?

In our business, you can get certified for just about anything. But what good is a certificate if they just force you to use that technology in the wrong way? But until now, you couldn't get certified for just being a sensible person.

Off course, there are movements in our industry that try to promote common sense. Everything around Clean Code, Clean Architecture, Software Craftsmanship, DDD, etc. is about how we use the tools we know to create something that is long term maintainable. All of these have a lot of value. We are in no way trying to mock these concepts, on the contrary, we would like to amplify the message they are sending.

When I was first thinking about giving this conference talk, I was brainstorming about how to drive this message home to the average conference-goers. Starting with stickers and swag, right across an online test I ended up with a certification program.

Why would you certify?

Let's be honest, this certification will hold little to no value for your career. But by getting certified, you will receive some SWAG and a certificate. You can use this SWAG to promote the message we are trying to spread. So the answer to 'why certify?' is clearly 'because you are sympathetic to the message we are spreading'.

The test

The test will consist out of 10 questions, none of which should be hard to answer if you have seen the talk, or if you have read the RAD philosophy page. A passing score will be 8 correct answers out of 10. You can have as many attempts as you desire.


The RAD certification kit When you successfully complete the test, you can visit the Axxes booth at a participating event to collect your certification kit. This kit includes:

  • 1 printed certificate
  • 2 coasters for your beer or coffee
  • 3 stickers
  • 1 decision coin (not to be used for project decisions)

We are soon adding some other options to get your perks:

  1. Snail mail: have your certification kit sent to you buy post!
  2. Print your own: download your certificate as a PDF so you can print it yourself.
  3. Social media badge: download a badge image you can use on any social network.